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Invincible. Anyone in his place would have given up, but not him.


An inspiring story documenting the indomitable human spirit and will to survive. A story about strength of character and determination that would never give up on pursuing one’s dreams. A story celebrating life that could be about anyone who is following the road to achieving their cherished goals.

Here I am, Again features Boyan Petrov’s attempt to climb Shisha Pangma which turns out to be the last peak in his mountaineering career. It is there that Boyan disappears and despite the unprecedented rescue operation, is not found.


It was announced today that Here I am, Again has won the prestigious “City of Bolzano” Golden Gentian Prize for the best exploration and adventure movie at the 69th edition of the Trento Film Festival in Italy. This is the oldest international film festival dedicated to mountains, adventure and exploration, established in 1952.

Just a month after narrowly surviving being hit by a car, high-altitude mountaineer and research-zoologist Boyan Petrov starts his recovery and long preparation to continue his dream - climbing all the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks. 

Without supplementary oxygen and 3 times cancer survivor, he has climbed 10 of the 14 eight-thousanders. 
Now it's time for the world’s giant - Everest. 

For the purpose, Boyan starts his journey by a “warm-up” with the lowest peak among them - the so-called "dwarf" Shishapangma, number 11 on his bucket list. 

An unexpected twist of fate leads to Boyan’s disappearance just a few meters below the peak which activates an unprecedented interstate rescue mission and helicopter searches between the countries of Nepal, China, and Bulgaria. 

Film director Polly Guencheva and cinematographer Krassimir Andonov follow Boyan's recovery after the accident and his path to the cherished Everest.


‘Our idea was to show Boyan’s spiritual power, his dedication and indomitable will not to give up despite the serious accident but to pursue his aim, plans and dreams’, said Polly Guencheva.

At the time no one thought that would be his last climb. ‘Not for a single moment did I doubt that we should carry on. It took us a long time to find the right direction in which to continue and that was our greatest artistic challenge. The promise that I made to Boyan at the airport, before his departure, that we’d make an exceptional film about him, did not give me peace and that was my strongest motive to finish the film. The film features not only Boyan’s personality but the united efforts of several countries which, for the first time in history, ignored political boundaries in the name of saving a human life.

‘The decision for the film to start symbolically from the heart of the Alps, from this beautiful festival, precisely 3 years after the tragic event was a personal inspiration for me but I am sure that Boyan himself would have been happy with it’, added Polly Guencheva.


The film premiere will be at the beginning of December. ‘For us it is more than just the next film- reportage about Boyan Petrov. It is a film about a Bulgarian legend, about one of the heroes of our time who lives and will be living in our hearts and I believe in the hearts of those who will be coming after us’, wound up Polly Guencheva.


Here I am, Again film crew:


Film Director – Polly Guentcheva;

Producer – Polly Guentcheva/ TARA TREE PICTURES Ltd;

Producer – Martichka Bozhilova / AGITPROP Ltd.

Cynematography – Krassimir Andonov;

Script – Polly Guentcheva /Nina Altaparmakova;

Edit – Nina Altaparmakova/Mihail Dervenski

Music – George Strezov;

Sound & Audio Mix – Valeria Krachunova / Ivan Andreev;

Post production, Color grade & Supervisor – Todor G. Todorov


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