The blood-green from WWF spend 2 750 000 € on lobbying in the European Commission

28 Март 2021, 12:40

The Integrity Watch database includes the meetings of the European Commission with lobbyists. Currently it provides the following information:

There are 11 649 lobbyist organizations registered in the EU. The European Commission has organized the following types of meetings with lobbyists:

- 54% are connected with corporative interests;

- 27% are with non-governmental organizations; and

- 8% are with think-tanks.

The most active lobbyists are:

- Google, with budget of EUR 8 million and 227 meetings;

- BUSINESSEUROPE, budget of EUR 4 million and 232 meetings.

They are both corporative organizations.

The non-governmental organizations include:

- WWF with their European Policy Programme (budget of EUR 2.75 million and 122 meetings);

- Bureau Eurpeendes Unionde Consommateurs (budget of EUR 2.5 million and 158 meetings);

- Transport and environment (budget of EUR 700 000 and 128 meetings.

The average monthly salary of the employees at the small Bulgarian office of WWF is BGN 4 800. The wages of their boss, Veselina Kavrakova, wife of the forester Toma Belev, are unknown. These people with budgets in the millions are trying to determine the policy of the European Union and the policy in Bulgaria. The goals are transparently clear. Robbing people is presented as conservation, while the enrichment of the said parties is presented as project implementation.

Even the concessionaires of the beaches have officially set money aside to pay them. According to the conditions of the concession of the south beach at Sunny Beach the company holding the concession, SIS 2012 EOOD must pay BGN 436 000 for conservation of the protected territories within the area of the beach – the dunes. Everyone in Bulgaria knows that the most avid protector of the dunes is the husband of WWF’s boss, the forester Toma Belev.

These people represent the radical reaction wing of Democratic Bulgaria. Money, money, money! Do not trust their crocodile tears!


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