Toma Belev is protecting Prokopiev’s residence on Budzhaka

01 Април 2021, 10:31

Hristo Ivanov failed to answer adequately a question posed by a journalist about why he did not debark in front of the residence of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev in Sozopol and only picked Rosenets.

Prokopiev’s house, same as Dogan’s was built in an area protected under Natura 2000, namely Kolokita. The houses of Prokopiev and his ex-partner Filip Harmandzhiev stand on the promontory of Germankata. The concrete palaces erected on the rocks and surrounded by fences two meters high also restrict the access to the shore, but Hristo Ivanov remains silent about it. The task of protecting their mentor, Prokopiev, has been allocated to the coalition partner of Hristo Ivanov, the newly-fledged member of the Municipal Council in Sofia and green politician, the eco-protester Toma Belev. In his attempt to justify the pouring of concrete on Budzhaka’s rocks he is blaming all environmental ministers from 2000 onwards. All mayors of Sozopol and the whole legislation are also to blame, but the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev is innocent. Belev is so intent on covering Prokopiev that he is at the ready to delete any negative comments about him or to scoff at anyone asking the reasonable question why they are protesting against one person and remaining as silent as fish about another.

The answer is clear, because Prokopiev, Hristo Ivanov and Belev are in the same gang. A circle of interests. Otherwise Toma Belev is pretending to be an independent citizen of principles. But he does not say a word about the boss, Prokopiev. Same with Hristo Ivanov.



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