Kovachev: The awaited resolution for Bulgaria is a product of the extreme socialists and the “green”.

20 Април 2021, 14:33

The motion for resolution for Bulgaria which will be discussed on October 5 in the European Parliament (EP) is a product of the extreme socialists and the “green”. The resolution does not take into account the recommendations of the European People’s Party (EPP), Andrey Kovachev, member of the EP from GERB/EPP, explained for BTV.

Yesterday Emil Radev, member of the EP, also commented that “the resolution was prepared mainly using the unofficial accusations that have been flooding the members of the EP for the past three months.” “We see that the political families of Bulgaria passed the battle to the political families in Europe. We see extremely left socialists and greens on one side and APP and the conservatives on the other,” Radev commented.

Today Andrey Kovachev commented on the published report of the European Commission on the rule of law in the Member States of the European Union. “I am not a lawyer but we most likely have a systemic problem connected with the inability to introduce legislative changes without serious amendment of the Constitution. Therefore, we need to talk politically with everyone carrying responsibility in regard of the request for justice,” Kovachev said.

“The important thing is to have justice, to have a political dialogue for change and better justice,” he added.

“We support the European Prosecutor’s Office represented by Mrs. Kovesi in its call for strict observance of all rules for non-misuse of European funds. We insist that this mechanism should also be leading with respect to the reconstruction fund,” he stated. “According to OLAF’s findings these cases in Bulgaria are below 1% and there are only two open cases.”

Source: Tribune.bg

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