A Company Owned by the Head of the Political Party of the Greens is Building up the Black Sea Coast and the Balkan

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A Company Owned by the Head of the Political Party of the Greens is Building up the Black Sea Coast and the Balkan
A number of representatives of the Political Party of the Greens have been guests on national television recently, calling for total suspension of construction. Mariya Kavlakova, a member of the National Council of the Party, even made the bold statement that “It’s the 21st century now and  construction is no longer fashionable”. And the co-chairman of the Party, Vladislav Panev, explained in another television interview, that nothing should be built until his party had prepared a National Tourism Strategy, adding that no such strategy exists in Bulgaria, according to the newspaper, Trud.

In fact, there is such a strategy and it has been approved by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations. What’s interesting is to what extent Mrs. Kavlakova is aware of the biography of the Party’s co-chairman and how good is Mr. Panev’s memory as it is actually one of his companies building up the Black Sea coast and the Balkan? It is apparent from the Commercial Register that Vladislav Panev was the Director of the Construction Premier Fund ADSITS until 2009. His membership has been in line with Sky Assets Management, the company managed by him, which has acquired a share in the investment fund. While Panev left the board of directors in 2009, his financial company probably still holds a share there. The only business subjective of the Premier Fund itself, is construction.

An investment was initiated in 2007 in Kiparisite Complex, literally metres away from the beach of St. St. Konstantin and the Elena resort. The project was completed in 2015 and its outlook perfectly fits the “concrete jungle” which the Political Party of the Greens find so disgusting. At the same time the fund bought some agricultural land near the village of Apriltsi in the district of Lovech. However, the Fund did not listen to the ideas of the Greens that the status of the agricultural land should remain the same to practice biological agriculture. Panev’s company changed the status of the plot and started pouring concrete into a large-scale construction of a holiday complex in the immediate vicinity of the Central Balkan National Park.

The public information about the activity of the Premier Fund has become very scant after 2015. The situation with Sky Assets Management, the financial company of Vladislav Panev is similar. It is not clear if Sky also owns shares in other construction and investment companies, because the description in the company\'s portfolio is scarce. Certainly, however, Bulgaria has witnessed yet another political hypocrisy - while the Political Party of the Greens successfully blackmails the Government to stop investment projects, their co-chairman pours concrete on the Black Sea coast and near to national parks.

Source: novini.bg


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