The Court Rejects the Absurd Request of the Greens
The Court Rejects the Absurd Request of the  Greens

The Supreme Administrative Court has rejected the absurd request of the Green member, Toma Belev, to be recognized as co-owner of the existing Management Plan of the Pirin National Park,  writes the newspaper Trud.

This impudent pretension was claimed at the initial hearing for the case on the partial amendment of the Plan, approved by the Government on 28 December. The complainants are Belev, WWF-Bulgaria and the Association of Parks in Bulgaria (APB).

The self-styled ‘environmentalist’ asked the magistrates to constitute him as a party to the case, not as a natural person or chairman of the APB, but as an intellectual co-owner of the framework document.

His arguments were that he participated in drawing up the Plan. However, he has received a remuneration for this, although at that time he was also a civil servant in the capacity of a director of the Vitosha Natural Park and was being paid a salary. This did not stop him appearing as an individual person with regards to the Plan of the Pirin National Park and also to win tenders through APB, illegally headed by him at that time.

The judges allowed 10 days to both parties, the “Environmentalists” and the State to provide written arguments. There are another 30 days for making a decision. It may then be appealed before a 5-member panel of the Supreme Administration Court.



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