OLAF inspects the head of Green Octopus in Bulgaria, Mr. Toma Belev

30 Март 2018, 01:00

The European Anti-Fraud Office has been informed of improper use of funds coming from EU.


The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has examined the contracts won by Toma Belev and his company. This happened after it had been accused of improper use of funds coming from EU. The news was reported to the Monitoring Agency by Emil Radev, Member of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party / GERB.


"Reports on European funds illegally used by NGOs,  "under the banner" of certain projects, have been submitted to OLAF. We know that millions of levs are spent on counting birds, and there are no objective results. We know that the green organisations receive huge funding from the EU, but sometimes, in order to prove that they do something and to receive the funds, they appeal against any investment projects. This sometimes suspends the development of certain regions for years”, said Mr. Radev.


"The Prime Minister Borisov gave a very clear answer to the representative of the Green Party in the European Parliament, Ska Keler, and asssured him that Pirin would not be built up and that the legislation would be complied with. The attempts to transfer this topic to the heart of Europe and to discredit Bulgaria were unsuccessful. When we introduce the European citizens to our history and achievements, it is better to report more positive news. Our economy also benefits from this" added Mr. Radev.

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