Toma Belev is abusing verbally a woman on Facebook

03 Май 2021, 16:38

The eco-activist Belev, who is the face of a group of people looking for every possible way to settle in the government and acting as moral police, abused verbally a woman on Facebook.

The occasion is a post of Belev in which he says that he waited for two hours at an office of DSK to have his e-banking switched back on and on the next desk a woman was told that she must pay BGN 20 bank fee to transfer BGN 12 to Sofia Municipality.

One woman, Anni Krasteva, commented that Belev is lying, because if he had e-banking, he would have been at home banking from his sofa and the fee for transfer is BGN 1. At a desk in the bank the fee is BGN 2.50. Belev told her she needed mint, hawthorn and valerian.

We remind the readers that Belev mocked the Jews by cynically comparing their transportation “free of charge” in freight cars to the camps of death during World War II to the public transportation in Sofia, when he was competing for a seat in the Municipal Council. “The cheapest transport was provided to the Jews in freight cars – entirely free of charge,” wrote the ecologist, candidate of Democratic Bulgaria.

Such blunders should not be concealed or go unnoticed, especially when coming from the lines of ultra-liberal fighters for the freedom of speech, the climate, the ducks and the judiciary reform of the planet. And especially when these people are always trying to find a way into the government.


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