Toma Belev posts questionable photos of killed mountain goats

29 Април 2021, 22:02

Photos of questionable authenticity of 14 dead mountain goats were circulated yesterday evening in the social networks. The statement is that the photos were taken in Pirin National Park.

The experts contacted by Eco News, however, are adamant that the photos are old and may not be from Bulgaria at all. One reason is that currently the area mentioned next to the photos – Kamenitsa in Pirin – is under almost a meter of snow, while there is green grass on the photos.

There is also another reason to doubt the authenticity of the photos. Female goats fall in oestrus in November and December. The pregnancy lasts 25 – 27 weeks, i.e. around 6 months. Currently they are in embryonic pregnancy, there is no way to have kids as the goats give birth in April and May.

It is not clear whether the photos were taken in Bulgaria. The experts are making this conclusion because of the patterns of the goats’ coats that do not resemble the Balkan wild goat subspecies.

Another reason to favour the conclusion that the photos are distributed with the aim to manipulate is that shooting of 14 goats, dragging them all to one place and butchering them barbarically would mean that this is a well-organized hunt of a numerous party. With many poachers and much shooting. The probability of this happening in Pirin NP, where there are reliable and well-equipped guards, is low.

The Prosecutor’s Offices in Sandanski and Razlog have already been seised and they are checking whether this is a real case or a deliberate falsification aimed at gaining public or political dividends.

Below you are the photos circulated in the social media:


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