A ”green boss” hid from the Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (CIAF) a property bought from Sofia Municipality for BGN 129 000

02 Май 2021, 20:15

Vladislav Panev was the only participant in the tender of Sofia Investment Agency (SIA) for the ground floor in entrance 1 of block 214 in Mladost.

Vladislav Panev, co-chair of the Green Party and municipal councillor in Sofia, hid from CIAF a property he bought from Sofia Municipality. At the end of 2016 the municipal councillor from the coalition Democratic Bulgaria acquired a property in Mladost 2 district of Sofia for BGN 129 000, shows an examination of the archives of Sofia Investment Agency.

According to the documents of the tender, the decision to sell was made by the Municipal Council of Sofia (MCS) on 27 July 2016 and made public in issue 70 of the State Gazette in the same year. MCS contracted Kastor – Angel Stanev, sole proprietor, to valuate the property and he decided that the commercial area on the first floor in entrance 1 of block 214 costs BGN 129 000.

The tender itself was scheduled for 11 November 2016 and the only participant was Vladislav Panchev Panev… He won the “tender”, as expected, and was pronounced a winner by SIA. After payment of the amount, on November 23, the co-chair of The Greens became the owner of the property.

After the local elections in 2019 Vladislav Panev became municipal councillor in Sofia nominated by Democratic Bulgaria. In his initial declaration to CIAF, however, he missed to enter his new property acquired at a good price from Sofia Municipality. Block No. 214 in Mladost is meters away from the main boulevard Alexander Malinov. The prices of the properties in the district are increasing and almost matching those in the central part of the Capital.

Vladislav Panev is among the richest municipal councillors in the MCS. He has close to BGN 4 million in properties, shares and savings. According to his declaration of interests, his fast enrichment started after 2010. He is considered close to the businessmen and media publisher Ivo Prokopiev. According to unofficial information it was Prokopiev who pressed for Panev to become a co-chair of The Greens (the other one is Borislav Sandov). The formation is considered as part of the organizations following the orders of the media boss intended to harm his political and particularly his business opponents.

Vladislav Panev will probably be at the top of the list of Democratic Bulgaria for Stara Zagora region in the parliamentary elections this year.

Source: Mignews.info


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