There will be no tourism in Bulgaria: Toma Belev has gone to the heads of the government

13 Април 2021, 12:31

These are the “great excavators” doing “construction work” at the Seven Rila Lakes: a one-seat excavator stabilizing the tourist trail. That’s all there is to it. The protesters however present it as “encroachment on nature” on their Facebook pages.

Toma Belev and the rest of the green racketeers supported by foreign foundations to destroy the national tourism are screaming bloody murder. And the government is buying it. An order is issued to stop the “excavators” and the “construction works”. There is even a special order from the Ministry of Ecology, lest the smart and the beautiful get worried.

There are no “excavators”, just one small machine. There is no construction work, just the trails need to be stabilized before the crowds arrive in July and August. What exactly is going to be inspected? What excavators will be moved? How is it possible that the government buys everything Belev and his gang say? Speaking of the gang, they seem to hide in the bushes at the ready to submit a report. And they live with the confidence that the country is governed through their Facebook accounts.

The other day GERB once again bent in front of the green racketeers on the matter of Natura 2000, because they called 500 party activists from Yes, Bulgaria on the yellow pavement. Well, this is called popular discontent. Someone cries in front of the Council of Ministers and the job is done, the government is backing up.

This is why the mountains will remain empty forever, there will be no second cable car in Bansko, Vitosha will be a ghostly area without a single motel, the cable cars will go rusty and the winter tourism will be a mirage. And all of this because we must please the “cool” grant-eaters whose only mission is to destroy any reasonable initiative on Bulgarian land.


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